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  1. Free Download or Read Online Interactive Dental Photography eBook (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Gábor Matyasi
  2. Interactive Dental Photography summary : The first interactive dental photography book for iPad and Mac by Gábor Matyasi, an oral surgeon and award winning fine art photographer, video maker. As the founder of the Hungarian Society of Dental Photographers he has been the presenter of workshops for years for dentists, dental technicians and photographers. The aim is to spread the importance and usefulness of dental photography more widely, and to make the camera an everyday device such as the mirror or the drill in the practice. This interactive textbook is designed to serve this purpose. On iPad, textbooks invite multi‑touch interaction — flick through photo galleries, rotate 3D objects, tap to pop up sidebars, or play video and audio. With iBooks, reading is beyond fundamental. And more engaging than ever.  Who is this book for? Reading the book gives suitable basics of photography for dentists , oral surgeons , medical students , dental technicians , dental hygienists in their work and documentation. Naturally, the book provides useful information for photographers as well, who help the work of dental clinics as outside specialists. They are probably familiar with the basics of photography, but the medical professional specialities of dental photography contain several new pieces of information. The author tried to make photography, optical term definitions and sometimes the dry rules of physics more colorful with a spectacular, unique, informative and in some cases humorous visual material. The aim was to produce a useful, easily understandable and entertaining volume. The book is an interactive textbook, besides the essential textual information and photos it contains videos , animations , 3D elements , graphics and creative widgets , help you to understand and learn the theoretical material and its practice. • It starts with the basics of optics and photography guiding the beginners. • It will look through the accessories and devices of dental photography. • Interactive widgets will...

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