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  1. Ladda Ner och Läs På Nätet Rescued Gratis Bok (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Elizabeth Lennox
  2. Rescued sammanfattning : Ivy had always loved capturing images, scenes, human emotions on film.  The light, the clouds, the sorrow or happiness…the world was a picture waiting to happen.  So when she was captured, she wasn’t exactly sure what to do.  One thing she wasn’t going to do – call her friend’s brother.  As a Navy SEAL, Gunner had always irritated her.  She couldn’t quite define why, but Ivy was determined to get out of this mess on her own.   Gunner, Daisy’s brother, heard about Ivy’s predicament and immediately formed a plan.  The annoying, obnoxious, sexy Ivy was going to accept his help this time.   Never before had he considered a jungle escape to be sexy.  But then again, he’d never been doing it with Ivy before.   But then Ivy turns up pregnant and…throw a grenade at him, and Gunner knew what to do.  Twenty terrorists trying to blow up a building?  Gunner was your man.  But a pregnant Ivy?  He was stunned.  Thrilled.  Amazed and…and so many emotions. But first he had to convince the stubborn woman to marry him!  

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