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  1. Downloaden of Online Lezen Build Better Chatbots Gratis Boek (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Rashid Khan & Anik Das
  2. Build Better Chatbots samenvatting : Learn best practices for building bots by focusing on the technological implementation and UX in this practical book. You will cover key topics such as setting up a development environment for creating chatbots for multiple channels (Facebook Messenger, Skype, and KiK); building a chatbot (design to implementation); integrating to IFTT (If This Then That) and IoT (Internet of Things); carrying out analytics and metrics for chatbots; and most importantly monetizing models and business sense for chatbots.  Build Better Chatbots  is easy to follow with code snippets provided in the book and complete code open sourced and available to download.  With Facebook opening up its Messenger platform for developers, followed by Microsoft opening up Skype for development, a new channel has emerged for brands to acquire, engage, and service customers on chat with chatbots. You will: Work with the bot development life cycleMaster bot UX design Integrate into the bot ecosystem Maximize the business and monetization potential for bots

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