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  1. Downloaden of Online Lezen The Handy Tips Guide to the iPad Gratis Boek (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Andrew Andronicou
  2. The Handy Tips Guide to the iPad samenvatting : The Handy Tips Guide ™ to the iPad is quite simply one of the most comprehensive illustrated tips book available anywhere for the iPad. This brand new edition has been fully revised, expanded and updated and covers iOS 8 in depth. Jump in, discover its secrets now. The Handy Tips Guide ™ is the book equivalent of an expert friend. It gives you a helpful hand the minute you ask for it. A truly exceptional guide, each chapter is filled with gold nuggets of tips, succinct and to the point. Presented in a logical order that allows you to jump to any page you want, precisely when you need it, giving you answers, fast. There are an indulgent amount of high definition screenshots that complement the clear and concise writing to help you better understand.  A wonderful feature of The Handy Tips Guide™ is that you can pinch-apart the images so they expand for a more detailed view, and pinch-together or press the X to return to normal book view.  The team behind The Handy Tips Guide™ understands that iPad users have different levels of familiarity with the iPad, there are foundation tips for complete beginners, and advanced tips for those who are experts but want to truly get the most out of their iPad user experience. Download the free sample. Featuring over 200 independently researched and tested feature explanations this is the book that experts can learn from. With intuitive presentation and a truly comprehensive range of tips The Handy Tips Guide ™ will empower you to get the very most out of your iPad. Just some of the things you can discover:  - Secret Keyboard Controls  - Time Saving Punctuation  - Siri  - Set the orientation lock  - Opening, closing, moving, renaming, deleting folders  - Installing, pausing, organizing and deleting apps  - Use Multitasking to switch between open apps  - Using Bluetooth with your iPad  - Prioritise Wi-Fi signal over 3G /4G - Track your data usage  - Group emails by...

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