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  1. Downloaden of Online Lezen Tai Chi Book For Beginners Gratis Boek (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Howard Gibbon
  2. Tai Chi Book For Beginners samenvatting : Welcome to the World of Lee Style T’ai Chi Chuan (“The Supreme Ultimate”) If you suffer from tension and stress, you will find that, with practice, you will learn to relax, able to do so whenever you wish. If you are shy and timid you will find that in time your posture and breathing will improve, making you in turn feel more balanced, confident and in control of yourself. If you suffer from anger and frustration you will soon remember again the natural beauty and rhythm in life, which cannot be forced, but lived with in harmony. If you suffer from ill health, you will find that the practice of T’ai Chi will help improve your general health and well-being, increase your energy, tone your muscles, stretch your body, improve your posture and balance, improve your immune system and circulation, improve your strength and flexibility...we could go on and on. And if you are perfectly healthy and happy, you will find that T’ai Chi is a beautiful, life-affirming thing to do. Enjoy . . .

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