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  1. Downloaden of Online Lezen Amazing & Extraordinary Facts Gratis Boek (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Ruth Binney
  2. Amazing & Extraordinary Facts samenvatting : Surprising stories about the personal lives of English monarchs from Henry VIII to Elizabeth II.   This book journeys through centuries of history to offer a wealth of intriguing truths about British royal domestic life, royal celebrations, and royal etiquette. Covering eras from the Tudors to today, it delves into the world behind the scenes, where the royals experience many of the same difficulties and disappointments as any commoner—but also enjoy the pomp and luxury that makes them an object of fascination around the world.   Discover little-known facts about everything from coronations to abdications, palaces, princesses—and even royal pigeons—in this treasury of true stories.

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